My pen and ink illustrations reflect a variety of subjects: scientifically accurate renderings of flora and fauna, whimsical drawings of people and animals, childrens' stories or crafts, house "portraits" for stationery or brochures.

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Estuary Sign
Jamestown, Rhode Island
Advertising Illustrations
Various clients
Book Illustrations
The Candy Bar Cookbook
The Mudpies Book of Boredom Busters
Greeting Cards
Commissioned by The Dana-Farber Institute


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Stephanie Marino wrote: 6/5/2017
I like the new look on your website!
Sally Kent wrote: 6/20/2018
I can see the personalities in the eyes. Brothers can be so different.
Alan S wrote: 6/26/2018
Ah ha ha ha!! OMG I love the story of Ellie and Gwendolin the pigs! Their faces are so charming, so alive. You've really captured animal souls in your artwork. I will try to hit the Jamestown Farmers Market next week. I do hope you haven't sold them yet.

Really, just wonderful paintings and a delightful story to go with them.

Alan in NK
Alexandra Kent wrote: 6/27/2018
Thank you Alan!
If Gwennie & Ellie are gone I have other animals for you to meet... I am enjoying the way these personalities emerge & take over their portraits. Please do come to the Farmers Market and introduce yourself!

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  • Farmers Market, East Ferry Rec Center, Jamestown, RI, every Monday from June 11, 4-7 pm