This Week’s Featured Work: Ellie & Gwendolyn

Original paintings, acrylic on canvas, 6 × 6 inches.

Ellie and Gwendolyn: Manor Farm, Rhode Island.

Meet Ellie. Ellie is a pig. She owns and manages Manor Farm, at a secret location on one of the islands in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. The location of the farm for now remains secret since a farm run by pigs may violate certain human tax laws. Ellie ardently believes in the Manor Farm slogan, "Four Legs Good", and has read George Orwell's Animal Farm seventeen times. She vows that RI's Manor Farm will remain a workers' utopia. Ellie is also an amateur marine biologist. She studies starfish, sea urchins, and other local echinoderms, and she enjoys mussels and quahogs for lunch.

And meet Gwendolyn, a sweet little piggie. Gwen is Ellie's best friend. Gwen is Head Chef at Manor Farm. She specializes in a vegetarian farm-to-table menu and uses only native Rhode Island herbs and spices. Needless to say, pigs will be pigs, and Ellie also caters to the tastes of the hard-working members of the Piggie Revolutionary Party, who prefer everything batter-dipped, fried in butter, and slathered in Gwendolyn's famous garlic aioli. Gwendolyn bends the rules of her vegetarian menu when it's time for Ellie's lunch feasts... Mussels and quahogs beware!


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Stephanie Marino wrote: 6/5/2017
I like the new look on your website!
Sally Kent wrote: 6/20/2018
I can see the personalities in the eyes. Brothers can be so different.
Alan S wrote: 6/26/2018
Ah ha ha ha!! OMG I love the story of Ellie and Gwendolin the pigs! Their faces are so charming, so alive. You've really captured animal souls in your artwork. I will try to hit the Jamestown Farmers Market next week. I do hope you haven't sold them yet.

Really, just wonderful paintings and a delightful story to go with them.

Alan in NK
Alexandra Kent wrote: 6/27/2018
Thank you Alan!
If Gwennie & Ellie are gone I have other animals for you to meet... I am enjoying the way these personalities emerge & take over their portraits. Please do come to the Farmers Market and introduce yourself!

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