This Week’s Featured Work: Bookplates with Slinky the Cat

Here's Slinky. He's a clever cat. He can't read books, but he can read your mind... Late on a cool Thursday evening in October, you look across your living room at your bookshelf filled with great literature and think to yourself, "Yes... tonight's the night to start reading that copy of Anna Karenina that I bought back in... back in... oh dear, far too long ago! Oh why haven't I read that book!" As you gaze at your bookshelf worrying about all those unread classics, Slinky begins reading your mind... He senses your angst... Slinky follows your sight-line, gets up from his favorite chair and saunters across the room. Up onto the bookshelf he launches himself and settles in for a deep, purring nap... resting contently right on top of that copy of Anna Karenina. It's his book now.

This original illustration is featured in my newest set of bookplates. Each bookplate is 3.1"x4.25", self-adhesive, twenty in a box. Note: Slinky's signature and paw mark are not normally present on these bookplates.

Get a box: $14.95  More Bookplate Styles

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Allie Sabalis wrote: 8/12/2018
Had fun visiting your mini-studio, Alex! A lot of charming work comes out of there. Especially like the chicken tote bags and animal portraits tied up in ribbons!

Allie in Jamestown
Alan S wrote: 6/26/2018
Ah ha ha ha!! OMG I love the story of Ellie and Gwendolin the pigs! Their faces are so charming, so alive. You've really captured animal souls in your artwork. I will try to hit the Jamestown Farmers Market next week. I do hope you haven't sold them yet.

Really, just wonderful paintings and a delightful story to go with them.

Alan in NK
Alexandra Kent wrote: 6/27/2018
Thank you Alan!
If Gwennie & Ellie are gone I have other animals for you to meet... I am enjoying the way these personalities emerge & take over their portraits. Please do come to the Farmers Market and introduce yourself!
Holly Rogers wrote: 10/21/2018
It was great meeting you (@ Brown Derm) with paint on your hands; the tell tale sign of an artist at work! I love all of your creations posted here. There is diversity of style and medium with whimsy and realism! I especially love the tale of the Book plate! I have many such books that need to be read, or just napped upon.
Thanks for your artistic gifts! They enhance the world around us.
Stephanie Marino wrote: 6/5/2018
I like the new look on your website!
Sally Kent wrote: 6/20/2018
I can see the personalities in the eyes. Brothers can be so different.

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