Featured Work: 2023 Calendars

New calendar for 2023. Original artwork by Alexandra Kent: Southern New England coastal and pastoral scenes.
Buy on etsy: $19.50 each.

Buy in my etsy store: $19.50

  • Updated with all official federal and Rhode Island holidays for 2023
  • 8 inches square, 8 x 16 open.
  • Original paintings of New England coastal and pastoral scenes
  • Beavertail lighthouse, Green's Pier, Mackerel Cove
  • Egrets at Great Creek, Newport Bridge above the farm, Belted Galloway cows
  • A great gift for fans of southern Rhode Island

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Allie Sabalis wrote: 8/12/2021
Had fun visiting your mini-studio, Alex! A lot of charming work comes out of there. Especially like the chicken tote bags and animal portraits tied up in ribbons!

Allie in Jamestown
Alan S wrote: 6/26/2021
Ah ha ha ha!! OMG I love the story of Ellie and Gwendolin the pigs! Their faces are so charming, so alive. You've really captured animal souls in your artwork. I will try to hit the Jamestown Farmers Market next week. I do hope you haven't sold them yet.

Really, just wonderful paintings and a delightful story to go with them.

Alan in NK
Alexandra Kent wrote: 6/27/2021
Thank you Alan!
If Gwennie & Ellie are gone I have other animals for you to meet... I am enjoying the way these personalities emerge & take over their portraits. Please do come to the Farmers Market and introduce yourself!
Holly Rogers wrote: 10/21/2018
It was great meeting you (@ Brown Derm) with paint on your hands; the tell tale sign of an artist at work! I love all of your creations posted here. There is diversity of style and medium with whimsy and realism! I especially love the tale of the Book plate! I have many such books that need to be read, or just napped upon.
Thanks for your artistic gifts! They enhance the world around us.
Steff M wrote: 6/5/2018
I like the new look on your website!
Sally Kent wrote: 6/20/2018
I can see the personalities in the eyes. Brothers can be so different.

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  • Holiday Show, Lawn Ave School, Jamestown, RI, December 3.
  • Farmers Market, East Ferry Rec Center, Jamestown, RI, Summer 2023... Details coming soon.